2 Months for NMAT 2022 –  Get Prepared!


Opportunities in Abundance

NMAT 2022  score is your gateway to the two-year full-time MBA courses at NMIMS colleges.

NMAT provides strength and support for the Pursuing excellence in technological and management research.


No Negative Marking – Chances to Score Easily

Unlike many management entrance exams, NMAT 2022  has no negative marking

It also gives you a chance to make guesses with zero percent risk of compromising your NMAT 2022 exam score.


Manageable Difficulty Level – Moderately Tough

The difficulty level of the NMAT 2022 exam is moderate.

With good conceptual knowledge and (up to five) free mocks available for practice, you can easily work on your speed and crack NMAT 2022.


Quantitative Skills & Logical Reasoning 

Create a table or a diagram to help you solve the Questions. This will increase the pace at which you can understand the passage's material.

Try as many of the questions from the online sample exam or mock test as you can.


Keep Your Options Open

NMAT 2022  is a standardized national level exam which is conducted over a  75-day window – October 10,  2022 to  December 19, 2022

NMAT 2022 keeps your hopes alive and options open to pursue your dream of an MBA.


Time Management

How efficiently you can manage to answer 108 question in 120 minutes keeping in mind the sectional time limits.


Speed and Accuracy

While practicing you need to enhance  your speed in solving questions.

Solving mock tests will gradually increase your speed.

Gauge which section requires your attention to increase your speed. Train  your mind to solve a section in allotted time, it helps.


Exam Day Strategy

On the day of the exam be calm and confident.

If any question takes longer than you expected, do not waste time and move on  to next question.

Prioritize your time and devote to all sections accordingly.

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