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5 months Planning  For CAT Preparation- Working Aspirants

It is not a smart idea to quit your work. It will undoubtedly affect your professional reputation. Even if you achieve a high percentile, you may be faced with a few questions.

Do not quit your job to prepare for the CAT.

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Create a schedule for yourself after work and discover out what works for you early on. Continue to be curious. You should devote a specific amount of time each day, as well as weekends, to CAT preparation.

Scramble for every ounce of time available

Don't set a goal for yourself to complete 7 units in 7 days. Only you know where you stand in a section and how long it will take you to learn and comprehend a subject.

Set reasonable goals and objectives for yourself

You should strive to get the most out of your weekends. If your weekdays are too busy and you can't find time to study for the CAT, you can play catch-up on weekends instead.

Use Weekend effectively for your CAT Preparation

Life has a way of brightening the darkest days and dimming the brightest moments. It is beneficial to recall why you began this initiative. Whatever your desire is, it will only come true if you take action and put in the effort.

Don’t lose hope

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