5 Tips to Improve Quant for MBA Entrance Exam


Conceptual Clarity


Just as Mathematics is about doing the concepts correctly, the Quantitative Aptitude can only be mastered if you have mastered your concepts.

Those students who work their way through the basics of the subject are more adept at solving the problems quickly.

Plan systematically


Because the entrance examination involves more than just Quant, candidates need to plan their schedules systematically and strategically.

For those, who are good in this subject and feel confident, they can take out time from this and devote to other subjects they may be weak in.

Revise and attempt Mock Tests


Attempting Mock series and constant revision should be a part of each candidate’s strategy.

Mock tests give a good idea to the candidates about the section they need to work on and also the time duration they need to finish a section in.

Taking sectional mock tests will definitely help you in gaining confidence in Quant.

Strengthen the Weak Areas


It is important for you to segregate the topics you know and are sure about from the ones you are not sure about.

By doing this, you will actually realise that there are only a handful of topics you are not confident about.

This will help you to relax and reduce your anxiety levels too

Be confident


For doing Quantitative Aptitude, you need to build confidence in yourself.

If your basics are in place, if you have conceptual clarity and have practiced enough, there is no reason for you to undermine your performance through low confidence

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