5 tips to prepare Reading Comprehension for CAT Exam


Build Vocabulary


Good vocabulary is at the heart of  cracking the Reading Comprehension section quickly.

The passages given in the exam combine words from the English language to make meaningful sentences.

Building your vocabulary not only helps  you in the VARC section of the entrance exam, it also reflects well on your  personality and leaves an impression on  the people you meet.

Be comfortable with English


The candidates who are comfortable with English will be in a better position to  attempt the VARC section.

This is because they would be already be acquainted with the peculiarities of the language, the sentence construction, the kind of idioms used generally, the rules of grammar and so on.

Adopt a strategy


While preparing, you may choose to glance through the questions and then skim  through the passage or first skim through the passage and then look at the questions.

Some may even be able to read each and every line thoroughly, while some others may be able to identify the main points of the passage easily.



Get a knack of solving complex passages within a given period of time and look at the themes of passages that have come in the previous years.

You can brush up your knowledge about current affairs, social issues and so on, keeping in mind the kind of passages that usually come in the entrance.



While doing RC, make sure that your focus  in unwavering.

Do not think about anything else but the passage at hand.

Allowing your focus to waver will break your attention and reduce your speed.

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