6 Frequently Asked Questions in a Job Interview

Tell us about yourself

This is one of the most popular questions and probably the first question you'll be asked in an interview. so give a straightforward and engaging reply.

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Why are you Interested in Working here?

Take time before the interview to extensively investigate the firm, its services,culture, and mission to show the interviewer how knowledgeable you are about the position and the organisation.

What Makes You the Best Candidate for the Job?

You should respond that you are capable of not only doing the task but also delivering excellent results and that you will fit into the team and culture.

What are your Greatest Strengths and Flaws?

Consider quality over quantity when answering questions regarding your strengths.

What Are Your Salary Expectations?

It's never easy to respond to money-related questions. You don't want to undersell yourself or squander a career opportunity by overpricing yourself.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

A hiring manager asks this question to see if you've set realistic professional goals and if the position corresponds with your goals and growth.

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