6 Influential Tips For CAT DILR Section preparation


Data Interpretation and logical reasoning section for CAT do not have a fixed syllabus that's why aspirants have to worry about how to start and prepare.


Know The Syllabus 

Your aim should be to solve the same question in a faster way.


Work on Your Speed and Accuracy

In addition to working on speed, accuracy is equally important. 

You should be able to answer DILR questions with at least 85 to 90 percent accuracy.

When you enter your exam hall, you don't know what is in store for you.


Pre-Decide Your Strategy

But you do know the topics and what could be the difficulty level of the questions. It is essential to plan your strategy and have an action plan on how to attempt the questions.

It is imperative to choose the questions you can answer and not waste time on questions that are tricky or confusing.


Choose Wisely & Smartly

Such questions only create panic, which should be a big NO during the 40 minutes you spend on the DILR  section.

Read Carefully


Questions are set-based. It is critical to read the entire question before you choose to attempt or leave it.

Gather all the factual information shared in the question. Also, make sure you understand the options carefully before selecting the correct answer

Read, Visualise, and Draw


The questions in LR are usually a scenario or story based on which deductions, inferences, assumptions, and conclusions need to be made.

Hence it is imperative to read the question thoroughly, visualize what is being said, and drawn in the form of a table, flow chart, or vein diagram.

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