7 Reasons Why TAPMI Manipal?


TAPMI Manipal’s Legacy

TAPMI Manipal has a legacy of 38 years with over 5000 alumni spread across the globe and a learned, diverse, and fantastic faculty.

TAPMI Manipal also boasts of a 42-acre campus with a CISCO enabled state-of-art infrastructure.


The New and Unique Admission Process

Character : A positive attitude

Craving : A passion for excelling in life

TAPMI Manipal looks for the following 4Cs in its future students:

Communication : Exceptional communication skills

Curiosity : An urge to learn and question the traditional approach


Prominence to Quality Above Quantity

MBA aspirants that the competition is going to be fierce and only high-quality, focused individuals will be selected for the courses.

Having a smaller batch is going to guarantee personalized attention and participant-centered learning.


Cross-Functional Exposure in PGDM Program

Providing global exposure by organizing intense study tours outside of India.

Developing negotiation skills.


Unique PGDM-BKFS Program

The PGDM-BKFS program has a CFA C-BOK (Candidate Body of Knowledge) and FRM certified curriculum.


New PGDM-HR Program Launched

TAPMI Manipal has introduced a new PGDM in HR which is in collaboration with SHRM.

The experts at SHRM have been involved in developing and designing the curriculum for PGDM-HR at TAPMI Manipal.


Monitory Support to Deserving Students

TAPMI Manipal provides scholarships upto INR 2.9 crores. Under  Dr. Ramdas Pai Merit Scholarship scheme, around 50 students can bag scholarships worth INR 2.4 crores.


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