Accuracy in CAT 2022 Exam will gain you Percentile



What is Accuracy?


By accuracy, one refers to the state of being correct or precise and free from error.

While one is solving problems, one may get so involved with the process that one may end up overlooking the component of accuracy.

Just solving the questions is not the aim here, but solving the questions accurately is the aim of every aspirant of CAT.

Accuracy in identifying questions


The first task is to identify the questions that the aspirants wishes to attempt from each section.

This task needs to be accomplished with a high degree of accuracy based on the aspirant’s knowledge and gut feeling about the particular questions.

The questions which the aspirant is confident of solving accurately, without a degree of doubt need to be selected from the lot initially.

Accuracy in solving questions


It is important that you attain a high accuracy level in solving the questions that you are attempting in the CAT exam.

Even if you wish to attempt 75 percent of questions in each section, you have a chance of scoring a 99 percentile, provided you achieve a high accuracy level and answer those questions correctly.

Accuracy and Speed


While giving the CAT exam, accuracy and speed go hand in hand for aspirants.

hile the aspirants are expected to reach a high accuracy level, they are expected to maintain a good speed throughout the paper, so that they are able to finish the questions in time.


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