Ace  the Data Interpretation Section of CAT, Tips and Tricks


Here are some skillful and adaptable Tips


Familiarizing with different kinds of charts.

Enhancing the mental math skills.

Calculating the increase or  decrease of percentage or  comparing ratio is an essential  skill of saving time

Getting accustomed with DS questions, as they would help you score more.

Plan the Time Allotment


Time allotment is the key factor if we talk about cracking the CAT 2022.

There is this age old strategy that  says - time allocation should be in the same proportion as marks allotted.

So it becomes obvious that if the set consist of 5 question and 10 marks out of a total of 50 marks, one should spend around 10 minutes to solve it.

Read for interpretation


A single misinterpretation from the hidden texts might mean disaster.

Jot down the keywords like maximum/minimum, must be, can be, possible, etc. in your scratch sheet.

These words if not given due importance can trap you and you will end up marking the wrong answers.

Organize the Data


Data analysis is what is expected from you and to check that analyzing skill of yours, generally the data given in the question is not in the structure that is required to answer the question.

Hence the approach should be to organize data as per question asked. So that it becomes very imperative to read the questions before starting the solutions

Read all questions and look for sitters


One thing that the aspirants should avoid falling prey for is the sitter questions in the CAT exam.

These are the questions which, somehow, cannot be solved or could cost you a lot of time if tried to solve.

This is something you should be careful about and avoid them if possible. Sitter questions are intentionally poured in the paper to create a hurdle in your smooth going course of exam.

Patience and Persistence


There was a time when students use to hop from one set to another without completing one section.

But now in the online test, you have no choice but to attempt all the questions of one section before jumping to other as you don’t have the option of returning back to the previous section.


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