Acing IBSAT – The Winner’s Strategy 


180 minutes in your hand

you have to answer more than 100 questions.

Check your speed in calculating an analysing the questions.

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Make smart moves in answering the question paper.

Always attempt first the section/questions you are best at.

Cracking IBSAT is not an easy game.

This involves sincerity and rigorous hard work.


Devote an ample amount of time to each section and subject during preparation.

Determine the subjects you excel at and where you need to improve. Even if you think you've finished, keep revising the subjects.

Work on Strengths & Weaknesses

Write down whatever new words you encounter after reading at least 5-6 newspaper articles every day.

Expand your Vocabulary

Hard work along with confidence helps to you overcome the obstacles, but over-confidence can be a problem.

Be confident

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