8 Points for an effective CAT 2022 Preparation Plan

CAT is a speed and Accuracy Exam. Practice as many CAT question papers and mock tests as you can to improve Speed and Accuracy.

Work on Your Speed and Accuracy

When you enter your exam hall, you don't know what is in store for you. But you do know the topics and what could be the difficulty level of the questions.

Pre-Decide Your Strategy

Every question does not need to be Completely solved. Answers to some questions can be deduced using the option given.

Work on Shortcuts

It is obvious you cannot attempt all questions with equal importance.

Choose Wisely & Smartly

It is imperative to choose the questions you can answer and not waste time on questions that are tricky or confusing.

 It is critical to read the entire question before you choose to attempt or leave it.

Read Carefully

Gather all the factual information shared in the question. Also, make sure you understand the options carefully before selecting the correct answer.

CAT exam has negative marking.

Avoid Negative Marking 

For Each wrong answer minus one mark in deducted. To avoid this, learn the trick of selecting the right question for you.

CAT has sectional cut-off limit so prepare all topics.

Know Sectional cut-off

Sectional cut-off directly affects the overall CAT percentile and selection in WAT-GD/PI.

Everyday Read Newspapers

Reading the paper improves your concentration over the long run which is MOST IMPORTANT in CAT for Reading Comprehension.

R2-D2, Star Wars

The Terminator, The Terminator

Optimus Prime, Transformers

HAL, 2001: A Space Odyssey

Sonny, I. Robot

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