8 Influential Tips For CAT VARC Section Preparation

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To perform well in the varc, reading is one of the requirements. You should read everything that tickles your attention on a regular basis. Politics, current events, sports, technology etc. 

Try to examine the content after reading it to better understand and absorb the material.

Keep consolidating

Aspirants should keep consolidating on their knowledge of English language

Being aware of the basics of the language such as various topics of Grammar, Sentence Construction, idioms and phrases, which the aspirants have studied in schools, it is time for them to build on this knowledge and consolidate.

While reading, be sure to underline and highlight any words whose explanations you don't know.

Make a list of all of these words and review it frequently so that you can easily memorise it.

Strengthen your Vocabulary

Make little study goals rather than large ones. Give each of the larger topics a week to explore.

Divide each subject into categories and daily practices. for instance, critical Reasoning, incomplete sentences, sentence correction, and reading comprehension.

Take Little Steps

You cannot succeed in the VARC section unless you become an expert in grammar.

If you believe your grammar needs improvement, it is highly advised that you check a quality grammar guide.

Emphasize grammar

The aspirants need to develop a good reading speed and understand the thrust of the passages, before decoding the meaning of the words.

As the answers are to be found in the passages only, Reading Comprehension can prove to be a big boon for the aspirants and should be attempted completely.

Time Management

Mock tests offer a realistic reflection of actual tests. they are created so that students can get a sense of the actual exams.

The number of practice exams taken during preparation closely relates to getting good Marks and a higher ranking on the exams.

Mock Tests 

If you continue to practise carefully and consistently while according to the directions given here, you will be in a much better position than the majority of candidates in three to four months.

The VARC questions require less time than the QA and DILR questions. Just keep in mind that practice is the key to success.

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