Is CAT easier than GMAT?


Selecting the Appropriate Test for You: Candidates interested in pursuing an MBA have the option between the CAT and the GMAT.


The choice between the CAT and GMAT Confused thousands of applicants each year.

This is a significant choice for them because passing these examinations  gives the individual access to a wide  range of opportunities.


Candidates can take the GMAT™ online exam up to two times.

Number of attempts : CAT or GMAT 

All GMAT online exam attempts will  count towards your 5 GMAT Exam attempts during a rolling 12-month  period and 8 lifetime limits.

whereas CAT can be attempted once a  year, Because CAT does not provide for  any room for flexibility, once the deadline passes, the next year will be given the opportunity.


CAT More emphasis on data interpretation and mathematical analysis.

Most Important Topics 

 GMAT  more emphasis on language reasoning and analytical abilities.


CAT score is accepted by IIMs and other B-Schools.

Choice of Institutions

GMAT score is accepted by Indian institutions as well as B-Schools across the world.


Cost is the most important deciding factor that makes CAT a better option than GMAT.


CAT is conducted only once a year and the examination fee is only Rs 1,800.

GMAT is conducted multiple Times in a year and the examination fee is $275 i.e. around Rs. 20,600.


GMAT is a computer-optimized test. The difficulty level is adjusted based on your performance on the previous question in the GMAT exam.

Exam Pattern

format of CAT Exam, it is linear. CAT questions are selected at random from the question bank.

Download CAT  and GMAT Complete Syllabus