Is ICFAI Business School worth joining for MBA?

Emphasis on Case-based Learning

Case-based learning is an important component of business education at IBS. 

Most of the courses are taught through real-life cases, designed to help bridge the gap between management theory and practice.

Business Modeling and Simulation

IBS includes business modeling and simulation games in its curriculum for the program, to give students an introduction to business decision making.

Strong Industry Interface

IBS has a strong, active and growing interface with business and industry,

IBS experts from a range of leading companies delivering regular guest lectures and serving as members of various advisory boards.

Continuous Learning

The program offers students an opportunity for continuous learning, so that their knowledge and skills remain current and relevant.

Classroom Sessions



Continuous Evaluation

Computing Facilities

Learning Resources


Student-centered Learning

IBS believes in student-centered learning. IBS uses learning outcomes which focus attention on explicit and detailed statements of what students learn: the skills, understanding and abilities students seek to develop in them

Intellectual Capital 

500+ Faculty with over 150 PhDs.

Advanced Infrastructure

Continuous Evaluation

IBSCDC, with well over 5500 case studies

ICFAI Business school is the biggest winner in case method Oscars 2019

Peer Learning 

100% case -based-class discussion approach

Opportunity to  build on confidence and public specking skills

Learning through study groups

Is IBS Right fit for you?