MAH CET - Last  One  Week Preparation Strategy


MAH CET - Exam Dates

MAH CET Date - 23, 24 & 25 Auguest  2022.

Do not start a new topic


The most importantly guidance any Expert will give is, not to start New Topic or Chapter.

There can't be a most terrible time than 15 days before MAH MBA CET 2022 to start  new chapter. 

One cannot master a topic in one week while practicing a scores of other. Hence, don't do that. Practice what you have concentrated up until this point.


Emphasize your weaknesses

Examine the MAH MBA CET syllabus and make a list of the subjects you still find challenging. 

During the final week of MAH MBA CET preparation, set aside an hour each day to comprehend the topics, take notes, and practise the questions.

This will be helpful as they will be fresh in the memory. Use notes made during practice session, for revision on the exam day.


Sample Questions for Practice

You should have taken enough practise exams and sample papers for the MAH CET by this point to gauge your level of preparation. 

In the last one week, take sectional mock tests, especially of those topics that you  are weak at.

Additionally, you can practise topic- specific sample questions to enhance  your performance in each area.


Make a time table for revision

Focused revision should be part of the MAH MBA CET preparation schedule during the final week.

Create a strategy for that. Allocate an hour to reviewing key ideas and formulas. 

Best time for revision is late night or early morning. Make short notes while you are  at it.

Prepare a few quick  notes for exam day revision


Writing down formulas and crucial ideas should be part of revision. 

Note down all of the important details,  tips, and quick fixes for answering questions. This will be very beneficial in  the section on quantitative aptitude.

You should also write down one word definition of concepts and usage in  English Grammar. Go through these notes  a night before the exam so that they are fresh in your memory.


Focus on balancing  speed and accuracy

Mock test practice increases speed and accuracy in solving questions. 

they have when the actual exam is only a week away. Take one practise test to simulate the actual exam during the final week of MAH MBA CET 2022 preparation. 

Choose your questions carefully, and  don't spend more time on anyone than is necessary. Make sure you learn to spot questions that are simple to answer and will get you points.

Evaluate your Performance

Take one practise test in the final week before the exam, then evaluate how you did.

This will help you understand which sections to chose or skip over for the  actual exam.

If you believe there is potential for development, seek out peers and mentors to learn tips and shortcuts for dealing  with problem areas.

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