Top  MBA Aspirants More from Engineering Background


Master of Business Administration

A Master of Business Administration is a postgraduate degree focused on business administration.The core courses in an MBA program cover various areas of business administration such as accounting, applied statistics, human resources, business communication, and operations management in a manner most relevant to management analysis and strategy.


To be More Marketable:

Engineers can sell their innovative ideas and products better by enhancing their business and functional knowledge. Thus, more engineers opt for an MBA degree.


Transition to Leadership Roles:

Opting for a degree like an MBA allows growing across verticals in an organization.

Engineering graduates can align their technical expertise with functional areas like Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resource, Operations, Logistics, etc. and grow to managerial and leadership roles.


Holistic Personality Development:

Engineers are often notorious for being introverts and technical geeks.

MBA curriculum and pedagogy nurture them to be outspoken. It helps improve their oral & written communication skills along with soft skills such as teamwork, negotiation & persuasion skills, and decision-making skills.


Micro and Macro-Level Problem Solver:

With the technical know-how (engineering background) and understanding of business functions (management degree), B.Tech. – MBA graduates are competent to solve micro-level (technical or team related) and macro-level (organization-wide) issues.


Pursue Entrepreneurial Aspirations:

Engineers are problem-solvers, and many have great product ideas as well.

Teaming their engineering degree with an MBA can help them unlock their entrepreneurial dreams.

Enhanced business knowledge allows them to understand the journey of their product from an idea on the table to the customer.


Get Better Pay  Packages:

The starting packages for MBA graduates are higher than what engineering graduate is offered. To get better pay scales, most engineering aspirants choose to pursue an MBA for technical background

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