Top 11 MBA Specializations in India

MBA in Data Analytics 

The MBA Data Analytics programme builds a candidate's data research and management foundation, allowing them to perform better.

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MBA in Business Analytics

MBA Business Analytics offers skills and knowledge regarding analytics, applied and theoretical statistics is gained for job opportunities

MBA in Banking and Financial Services

Banking and Finance have always been domains for which demand has never receded.

MBA in Human Resource Management

MBA in HRM will flourish as long as the organizations will employ human workforces, that is, the scope is never-ending.

MBA in Finance

An MBA in Finance degree provides an individual with the skills, information, and methodologies needed to work in both the private and public sectors.

MBA in Marketing

MBA in Marketing is a wide field with lots of scope and opportunities. The scope for MBA in Marketing sees no limit.

MBA in International Business

MBA in International Business can join the international market departments of companies, international placement offices, import and export departments of companies

MBA in Operations

Operations Management refers to a process which is a function of implementing the strategy, design, and process, required in development of a product

MBA in Family Business & Entrepreneurship

MBA Family Business Management Program offers the opportunity to the students to further expand and strengthen their family business and also to venture into entrepreneurship with innovative ideas

MBA in Health Care Management

Specialization in Healthcare  Management offers  with domain knowledge in the healthcare sector and also equips  with general management skills

MBA in Tourism

The travel and tourism industry is relatively new than  others but is growing fast.  According to estimates, it is expected to generate 13.45 million jobs

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