What Should you Choose: Top  Non-IIM B-schools or  New IIMs?


Advantages of  New-IIMs


1. IIM Brand Name

The IIM Brand is the most obvious choice and will undoubtedly influence many candidates. 

No matter which IIM you enroll in, you will always benefit from the reputation that IIMs have earned over time.

2. Superior  Infrastructure

The IIMs are supported by the Central government in terms of finance and infrastructure because they are the gold standard of management education in the nation. 

Physical infrastructure, such as classrooms and the campus, and intellectual infrastructure, such as the library, resource centres, knowledgeable faculty, and others, are included in the infrastructure at IIMs.


3. Degree vs Diploma

One of the less important aspects of management education in India is the fact that the majority of B-schools there offer Diploma programmes i.e  PGDM.

The IIMs will now be able to award students with MBA degrees, which are more valuable than diploma.


Advantages of Top  Non-IIM  B-schools


1. Alumni Network

One of the biggest advantages for the MBA aspirants opting for non-IIM B-schools over the new IIMs has to be a large and rich Alumni network that they can leverage.

Therefore, compared to more recent IIMs, premier non-IIM B-schools like IRMA and MICA will always have a better and more organised alumni network.


2. Experienced  Faculty

The top non-IIM B-schools have an advantage over the more recent IIMs because to the knowledge and experience these faculty members bring to the table.


3. Several Non-IIM  B-Schools provide  the MBA degree

Several Non-IIM B-schools that are ranked higher than more recent IIMs are connected to universities and provide MBA degrees.

For instance, FMS, JBIMS and UBS, all offer MBA Degrees.

Download the  list of  Top Non  IIM B-School  Or New IIMs  List