Winners Strategy to Crack NMAT BY GMAC 2022


Time Management and Consistency

The time management is crucial while preparing for any exam.

The idea is to effectively manage time. Set targets for a week or  no of days and try to achieve it.

Avoid taking longer gaps, be consistent in your efforts. It will help achieve your goal.


Speed and Accuracy

While practicing you need to enhance your speed in solving questions.

Solving mock tests will gradually increase your speed.

Gauge which section requires your attention to increase your speed. Train your mind to solve a section in allotted time, it helps.


No Negative marking

The exam has no negative marking for wrong answers.

This means you can attempt questions even if you are not  sure you selected the right answer.

Keep this in mind to first attempt questions that you are confident about.


Practice and Analyze

Always start with basic concepts for all the sections.

Strengthen your weak areas and simultaneously make your strong areas stronger.

Do not practice blindly, analyze your mock tests.


Exam Day Strategy

On the day of the exam be calm and confident.

If any question takes longer than you expected, do not waste time and move on to next question.

Prioritize your time and devote to all sections accordingly.


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